After 6 years working at adidas as a Social Media Manager, I decided that it was time to make a bold move and to go into music full time. To call it the 'quits' on a successful corporate career (I worked on countless campaigns with Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez) was not an easy decision, but in order to get closer to music, it was a must. 

Since September 2017, I am now studying Music Production & Sound Engineering at Abbey Road Institute, in Amsterdam. 

(For more about my past life as a Social Media Manager, check out LinkedIn.)


I started playing the cello when I was 8. Actually, the piano was my first instrument, but I just connected with the cello and I've never looked back. I spent most of my childhood and teen years playing solo classical repertoire and also orchestral/chamber music. But at 18 years old, after I completed my Licentiate in Music diploma (LMusA), I started to explore pop music and decided to give up my classical roots. 

Since then I've been playing a lot in different bands, recorded on movie soundtracks and played on stage as a session musician. And more recently I've been working on my own music, playing with a loop machine and having fun with Acapella App. 

In 2016 I bought a 5-string electric cello, which has completely opened up my world to new sounds and techniques. I can play bass notes and feel more free to improvise since I prefer playing without notes and I stand up when I play (not sit down). 

I am currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and I love living in the heart of Europe! 

My two biggest and most proud performances are with Grammy Award-winning artist Imogen Heap, and with UK soul-singer Michael Kiwanuka who headlined at the Songbird Festival in Rotterdam. 

Check out my equipment list below.


Between music and work, I love to be active! Living in the flattest country in the world, I soon found the perfect sports for me. In the Winter I am a keen longtrack speed skater (on ice). In 2011 I had the amazing experience of skating on the frozen canals of Amsterdam! 

In the Summer you'll find me out on Friday Night Skate (FNS) in Amsterdam or on a sunny evening inline blading in Vondelpark or Diemerpark. 

In September 2017 I completed the Berlin Inline Skate Marathon!


- NS Design CR Series 5-string Electric Cello (Burl Poplar)
- Classical Cello - French trade origin c. 1900. Bow, contemporary German origin. 
- Accord cello case
- CodaBow - Diamond SX

- Boss RC-300 Loop Station - 
- Roland Cube-20XL Bass
- d:vote™ 4099C Clip Microphone for Cello 

- Hagstrom Super Swede electric guitar (ASB Amber Sunburst)
- Ibanez S series electric guitar (White, model S570B)