A long-lost penpal who I finally met, 13 years later! 

In 2003, as a teenage fangirl I became obsessed with Australian singer/songwriter Delta Goodrem and her album Innocent Eyes. All the songs were so catchy and she was so amazingly inspiring as a human being. She could sing beautifully, play the piano, but most of all, she sparkled when she played and whenever she was interviewed. 

When I discovered that her album had strings, I was adamant on playing with her in the future. So as simple as that, I checked the credits on the CD booklet and searched the name of her producer, Vince Pizzinga on the Internet and sent him an email. To my surprise, Vince replied to my first email and we somehow became friends. I had a lot of questions about how he got into the music industry, and told him my frustrations of being a classical cellist and not knowing how to get into pop music. 

Eventually we lost touch, but with Facebook and Instagram, we ended up 'staying connected'. As Vince relocated to Los Angeles in 2006, I thought I would never have the change to meet him. Then by chance, I was going to Sydney for a conference and I saw he was posting photos from Sydney and invited him for a coffee. 

We talked about our projects and passions and just started to get to know each other from scratch. He told me about being the musical director and playing the cello for Delta's Wings of the Wild tour, his new joint cafe venture Matcha Mylkbar and making a documentary with his friend. What an amazing kindhearted interesting and not to mention humble soul Vince is, exactly how he was in the emails. So great that people like this in the world exist. I am so grateful to have met him and hope to meet him again one day. 

Vince with Delta Goodrem and the boys performing her new killer single The River at the NRL Footy Show

The album - 'Innocent Eyes' (Sony/BMG) subsequently had over 4.5 million sales worldwide, was awarded ARIA “Album Of The Decade” in 2011 and in 2003, Delta Goodrem was the winner of 7 ARIA Awards. 

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