I started listening to New Zealand band Broods in the middle of 2014 and somehow their music really captured the mood that I was in. The music hit me kind of deep, not particularly any song or any lyric but the vibes were exactly how I was feeling at the time. I got inspired and wanted to add some cello parts to their songs then I challenged myself to make a video and then when I told my housemate about it she agreed to help me film it. It kind of took off from there. In the beginning I was just going to film it in my room but after a small test shoot the setting just wasn't right. So we started to brainstorm about where we could film the videos. Another friend Camille suggested forest so we started thinking about it. 

The day we filmed was a rather chilly Autumn day but really beautiful. We set out kind of early with a morning coffee, and had to find a bike shop to pump up our bike tyres on the way. I had my cello on my back and all our equipment in a backpack. We headed to the Amsterdamse Bos (basically the only forest of Amsterdam) and we walked for at least one hour scouting the location for a good spot to shoot. There were a lot of horse riders and groups of runners who we needed to avoid for the shoot. We were looking for a place that was rather quiet because I was going to record the audio live and also I needed to find a log as a seat because we didn't bring one. Eventually we found a really beautiful spot where I could sit down and the only noises were of planes and the birds. 

The shooting went well and it has taken us some time to edit the films because we are also a bit new to video editing, but it was so much fun. A big big thanks to Croque-Bulle for being so open for this adventure with me. It was her first time filming a videoclip ever and we already have some more shoot plans coming up. xx

Broods - Never Gonna Change - Live from Spotify (with cello)

Broods - Bridges - Live from Spotify (with cello)