Anyway, the point is I had a bruised belly and an anaemic future and I needed a pretty good gig to lift my spirits. Enter Brisbane band Carry Nation. We sat on the floor, lulled by Jessie Warren’s Sarah Blasko-esque/Julia Stone-ish vocals and the ebb and flow of the drums and cello respectively. For a collection of band members who had never played together before, Carry Nation performed pretty cohesively, soothing my battered emotions.
— Alice Body, Beat Magazine

27 April 2010

I text Jessie to tell her I’m on my way. I’ve just left work and it’s raining and the tram is full and I’m hungry..

Babetownnn. See ya soon.x

Headliner is still bloody soundcheckin so we’re just sitting down in the front bar… Might get some quick eats.

I arrived and joined Jessie, Todd and Ollie in the front bar drinking beers and waiting for food. I order another set of nacho’s to satisfy my hungerrrr. Time ticks along and when the food comes we still haven’t sound checked [kind of getting nervous]. Todd leaves to get the gear set up and finally I get to dig into the food. YUM. Mid-putting a nacho in my mouth a friend of Jessie’s with dark blankety clothes comes up and hugs her. She turns around and says hi to Ollie and Jessie introduces me.

Lisa this is Janice, Janice this is Lisa.

Lisa MITCHELL? Haha! Mortified. It was too much of a déjà vu.. it would have been exactly a year when I’d come last to Northcote Social Club to see her perform.. Oh God. And it was the time my friend fainted while she was playing her encore Neopolitan Dreams, her single at the time. Awkward…

Anyway we went in to sound check and it turned out that Jessie invited Lisa to play Teardrops with us.

The gig went well. I hadn’t played at NSC before. We played to a nice but smallish crowd, warming the stage for The Paradise Motel.

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