Cello Music for Meditation

Cello Music For Meditation is a collection of cello soundtracks of different lengths to help you through your moods, situations and daily life peculiarities. Low cello drones combined with sweeping cello melodies, perfect for meditation, falling asleep, yoga, therapy, healing, finding flow or wherever you feel the music will help you. 


Background story

Hi, my name is Janice. I am a music producer & a cellist based in Amsterdam. A few years ago, I discovered meditation for the first time, and without exaggeration, it transformed my life. After some time, I realised that playing the cello for me is the thing that can get me quickly into the meditation-mode. It is pure, emotional and speaks to a deeper part of the being, resulting in me feeling clear-headed, stronger and more grounded. 

I want to share this with you. 



That’s how I decided to create cello soundtracks to help you through your moods, situations and daily life peculiarities. I believe that with my cello music, you too can reach that "flow" in your daily life.

The basis of my soundtracks is a deep low tone drone recorded on the lowest string of my electric cello and over the top I improvise sweeping cello melodies with my classical cello. The melodies are composed at 60BPM (beats per minute), which is the best tempo for the heart to relax, bringing peace and stability. 

Each soundtrack is based on one of the emotions of psychologist Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions. I composed each soundtrack according to the emotion I have picked. The tracks on my album are based on the emotions Fear, Remorse and Ecstasy. 



My first album titled Cello Music for Meditation is out now on the major digital channels Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube Music, Deezer, Tidal and more! if you want to support me, Bandcamp gives me the biggest share of the sale.




Also available on: Pandora, Shazam, KKBox, LINE MUSIC, Napster, 8tracks, Saavn, AWA, Claro música, Kuack, Anghami, iHeartRadio, Medianet, Akazoo, Slacker, 24-7, 7digital, Yandex.Music, InProdicon, Kdigital, United Media Agency, NetEase Cloud Music and more.

LIVE cello meditation

Besides hosting Live Cello Meditation exclusively through Airbnb Experiences at my home, I am currently looking for additional opportunities to perform live at corporate events, yoga workshops/retreats, cacao/full moon ceremonies, ecstatic/improvised dance, club nights, mind-body-soul/electronic/music festivals or other conscious events. I can perform solo or together with singing bowls, guided meditation, yoga (yoga nidra, yin or restorative classes), breathwork, DJ or spoken word. I bring along my cello, a loop machine where the deep low tone drone is recorded and looped on playback, and over the top I will perform and improvise sweeping cello melodies (with a beautiful reverb effect). Performances can last from 10-15 minutes (interlude between acts), 1 hour (meditation class, or savasana concert) or 90 minutes with collaboration, it’s up to you! To fully immerse yourself and get lost in the music, it is important that I can plug into a sound system, or in the case where one is not available, I will bring my own little speaker set.

For an example of a 10-minute live set, see below, recorded live at Ecstatic Dance at Odessa Amsterdam on 28 February 2019.






Photos taken by Erce Sagin at Comport Records’ Multiversum, Ruigoord


Live Cello Meditation @ Paper Fetish, Amsterdam

Live Cello Meditation in Ruigoord Church (Multiversum by Comport)

Cello & Singing Bowl Improvisation (with Frank Klank)

Live Cello Meditation on NPO Radio 4


Relax with Live Cello Meditation (Airbnb Experience)

Live Cello Meditation at Zaal100, Amsterdam

Live Cello Meditation // Horizontal Listening at Paper Fetish, Amsterdam

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