Recording on The Caterpillar Wish Soundtrack

Recording on an Australian Feature Film, The Caterpillar Wish! I was pretty honoured, because the cello would play the theme to the movie.

When I arrived at the Supersonic Recordings studio in Melbourne, award winning and renowned composer Burkhard Dallwitz played me how the song went with the sampled instruments. I told him "but the cello sounds perfect, why would you want me?" He replied: "it's almost too perfect, a real cello sounds more real." Oh ok. So you're saying I play badly which is good???

Recording in the studio with Burkhard Dallwitz

Recording in the studio with Burkhard Dallwitz

Watch the trailer (and listen out for the cello theme) below or here:

Read more about the making of The Caterpillar Wish soundtrack on Burkhard's website here.

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