Winning a Super Swede Hagstrom guitar…on Facebook!

Would you even believe it if I told you I won a guitar on Facebook?


A couple of months ago I joined THE FOX as a cellist and rhythm guitarist. At the time I only played 3 chords and didn’t own a guitar… but that soon changed when I fell in love with a Swedish Hagstrom guitar…

The Story

So I volunteered to play guitar to support the funk-jazz licks of THE FOX’s lead guitarist Sharon Steinfort, but I felt so bad borrowing the (only) electric guitar belonging to the younger brother of lead singer Celine. I looked around on the internet and had my eye on Swedish brand Hagstrom even though I couldn’t really afford one. But when I went onto their website I saw they were holding a competition to win a Super Swede guitar on Facebook. Couldn’t be true, right?

I love competitions. And this one had the perfect prize for me! It was run by Toontrack – premium drum software company – and there were 6 drum samples in which you had to name the correct artist and song. Tough? Try out your drumming ear below:

Well. I didn’t win. I don’t even think I got the answers right. But a week after the competition was over, I got an email from Sharon, saying SHE WON! The beautiful guitar was hers! And guess who gets to play it? It’s unbelievable actually that I’m still pinching myself thinking that the guitar of my dreams, came all the way from Sweden and now is property of THE FOX. Thanks Sharon, you rock girl! (She does, and she is very good at drums too.)

Watch for me rockin’ out on the Super Swede at our next gig (late August, watch this space)…