Meeting Michael Kiwanuka on air

My dear friend Lieke V posted on Facebook that she had a +1 to an exclusive live in-studio BNN That's Live recording for UK soul-singer Michael Kiwanuka. I wasn’t the first to respond, but definitely had a good chance of being picked since I had made this video and been to gig supporting Adele and his first headline show in Amsterdam. And luckily Lieke picked me because of what happened next!

So off we went: Lieke carrying her Michael Kiwanuka newly bought vinyl (and 2 more die hard fans that we recruited along the way) on a train to Hilversum (the city in Holland where TV and radio is made) and made our way to the BNN studio, which was another small bus ride and 10 minute walk through Hilversum suburbia.

There was a small crowd waiting outside the entrance on this sunny Saturday afternoon. It was relaxed but still kind of exciting. So we went upstairs and Eric Corton was already on air. There was a box with forms where we could make a request or ask Michael Kiwanuka a question. Lieke said to me “hey Janice, you should ask him if he remembers you from YouTube!”. Ha ha yes, very funny Lieke.. but deep inside I thought it was such a waste not to ask anything. So I put my question in the box and enjoyed Michael performing his first 2 songs.

During the break, Lieke disappeared, clearly plotting something.. and the next thing I knew, I was asked by Edwin and Eric to stand up by the microphone to ask my question to Michael, who was already standing there. Nerve wracking! I shook hands with him and introduced myself. He already recognised me but we didn’t have time to talk. And then we were live on air! Eric asked me to tell my story. So I told that I made a video last year of me playing Home Again on my cello and basically I’ve always wanted to play with him. So my question to Michael was “Would I be able to play with you one day?” and he said YES! His next performance in Holland will be at the Songbird festival on November 25! Eric was really enthusiastic and said that he would bring a film crew and capture my little journey. Aaahh it is really good news!

Listen to my moment on air on the track “Michael Kiwanuka – Up, Close and Personal (2012)”:

(Photo by Yuri Saalberg)

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