Performing with Peter and Kerry


A few weeks ago I received a message from my friend and filmmaker Valerie Toumayan ( asking if I had a place for Peter Lyons and Kerry Leatham of UK duo Peter & Kerry to stay. She had filmed them live at Le Divan du Monde, Paris and they were touring through Europe supporting Lucy Rose.


Sure, I had a space to stay if they needed one. I checked out their facebook/soundcloud and liked what I heard. So I asked Valerie to ask them if I could come to the concert in return. Or, better still, how about if I could play cello with them? (a bit cheeky but Val is a go-getter). Then the funniest coincidence happened half an hour later. I was looking at the adidas website and guess who was on the homepage banner? Peter & Kerry were part of the Originals SS13 Blue Collection lookbook (see the campaign video/images)!

Anyway, soon enough I heard the good news that Peter & Kerry were up for the challenge! They invited me to come watch them and hang out at a living room concert on Saturday organised by KONIJN (rabbit in Dutch – a community based on friends who puts a little into a top hat and magic comes out, literally) and then play with them at Paradiso 2 days after.


The next thing I knew it was Monday, the day of the performance. I messaged a few of my friends and soon heard that the gig was sold out, so I was getting nervous. In the afternoon Peter & Kerry were busy getting their guitar fixed (it was damaged on the flight) and they came over to my place for a quick rehearsal. It was pretty intense, sorting out parts and playing together for the first time one hour before sound check.

Although it wasn’t officially my first time on the Paradiso stage (yes I was the girl with the drum at Alex Winston’s gig!) this was my real debut. The soundcheck was calming. I felt at ease and Johan the sound guy was doing a good job taking care of my cello sound. The plucking of the cello to my surprise was actually quite prominent and Johan put some reverb on it. The next hour went super fast as we went to get food and then next thing we knew we were on the stage.

Paradiso screwed us over a bit as they booked two shows in the same venue so Peter & Kerry only had 25 minutes to perform and Lucy Rose only had 1 hour for her set. So when P&K started their set, the hall was still dribbling in with people. By the end of second song it was getting full and I got up on stage. Peter introduced me as their friend Janice. Watch the videos below:

Thanks to Chandar van der Zande from KONIJN for filming.

Below left (photos by Roos): Peter & Kerry singing in Lucy Rose’s set. Lucy was brilliant! I’d listened to her album and it’s beautifully produced, but the dynamics and breaks need to be experienced live. The crowd was unusually quiet (and if they’re not in this hall you can really hear it) and then really enthusiastic when it was time. I was happy for them because I’d seen some shows there where the Dutch crowd was horrible. I told Lucy this after the show and I think she was really happy about it too. The line was super super long afterwards of people wanting merch and a signed poster.


This was fun. Thanks again Peter & Kerry.