My Ibanez S series electric guitar - white S570B

When I joined all-girl bandTHE FOX as the electric guitarist, I didn't even own one, nor played in a band with one, nor with an effects pedal. For a time I borrowed the guitar of Celine's (our lead singer) little brother. Until I realised it was his only electric guitar and it became tricky logistically. I fell in love with the Swedish Hagstroms and it was by a strike of luck (or fate) that we won one on Facebook. For a couple of years the Hagstrom Super Swede has been doing just fine, and my guitar baby. Only, I've realized that it's not suitable for me physically or for the type of music we play. It would be awesome for jazz, funk and blues. It's a really well made guitar, but it's just very heavy and the neck is not as thin as I desire, to manage the fast pop/rock licks in THE FOX. 

So I decided it was time to make an investment in a sexy* guitar that was light and has a thin neck so I can play fast (*sexy because THE FOX, apart from the music is all about having a stage presence that blows audiences away). I wanted the Hagstrom Metropole in white so my Super Swede could have a little brother but I couldn't find a store in Amsterdam to try it without buying it first. Then I also considered the Gibson Melody Maker (and the Gibson Junior) in white (like that of Joan Jett) but when I played it, it seemed suitable only for punk rock power chords. It's not well made, and it's quite cheap so you're paying for the name. I managed to try out an Ibanez S series in another colour and I absolutely fell in love with the playability. A fast neck with a matte finish neck and an incredibly thin body (15mm at the thickest point) which made it super light. The only thing was the colour. I had set my mind on white or creme, and just my luck, I found one at a Dutch online store Rockpalace (now Key Music)Ibanez S series electric guitar, white, model S570B. 

I must say that I'm definitely in love! I've started to have guitar lessons as well. It's everything I need right now in a guitar. I think it still needs playing in and needs to be cranked up through the amp really loud but for now I'm really happy with my new guitar baby - still unfortunately unnamed. 

I bought it online for €450 at (now Key Music)
The Ibanez guitar case I bought at