REVIEW: d:vote™ 4099 Condenser Microphone for Cello

I found the best clip on microphone for cello for a live performance. I've had my loop station(s) for a while now, but still haven't been able to create the desired sound with my various piezo pickups (read my review about Headway's The Band). 

So I decided to invest in a d:vote™ 4099 Condenser Microphone for Cello. First impressions? W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!

- The biggest plus point is the sound. The sound is beautifully natural and doesn't need EQ. You can hear the instrument breathe which reduces the chance that you need to add reverb, which is an advantage over contact microphones/piezo transducer pickups (because they usually only capture the scratchy sound of the bridge). 

- The cable. I cannot afford a digital wireless system (yet, or don't deserve one) so I need to use the cable. There is one very thin cable which leads to a belt clip, for saxophone players or mobile players or to the DI but it is so thin and delicate. 
- You still need to find phantom power somewhere so you can't just plug it in a PA or bass amp. You'll need a pre-amp or DI. 
- It is a bit fiddly to attach it and bend the goose neck to the right spot. Again, it feels so delicate that it might break if you're not careful. 
- Takes time to find the right placement, and in the wrong spot can cause feedback. 

I found one B-stock which is around 40 EU cheaper than a new one which is great, and don't see any differences. Price: 399.00 EUR from

See the official DPA website here:


--- UPDATE 15 APRIL 2018 ---
I performed live with the DPA microphone with Paul Freeman for NH Radio. See the video below to hear how beautiful it sounds!