GIG REVIEW: Jessie Ware at Paradiso, Amsterdam

Jessie Ware is a funny character. I find her very down to earth, wearing KLM air stewardess-like heels (i.e. very practical). She was even making fun of a couple in the front of the crowd for making out during her song! It's something I have seen also in other UK artists, such as Adele, music so serious but as soon as they open their mouth, you're cracking up with laughter. 

Jessie Ware's new album, Tough Love is really really good. This kind of electronic-pop is really popular right now, but she gets it right and the album is really well produced too.  

Something really freaky I saw was a man's head reflected in the drummer's transparent barrier but it totally looked like a theatre prompter. hahaha I was speaking with a colleague just recently about this phenomenon as I didn't know such a job existed!