GIG REVIEW: Alessia Cara at Melkweg, Amsterdam

The night I went to Alessia Cara's concert it was my birthday. My very good and dear friend Jen took me out on the occasion. I don't consider myself old, but it was a bit of a coincidence that on the day of my birthday, it was the first concert where I felt super old (ok, at Justin Bieber's concert as well, but I expected children to be there..). 

The first support act was a handsome singer songwriter, Craig Stickland (who turned out to be the guitarist of her band) and all the young girls were screaming at him. Usually Dutch crowds are not so enthusiastic for support acts but that's when I realised there was something unusual about this crowd. They were super young. I saw a lot of parents in the crowd. When the support act left and the dj was playing some tunes to fill in the gap, he played Justin Bieber's 'Sorry', and at once, the whole crowd cheered and started singing along. I actually had to laugh about it, because we were there to see live music, but they were excited to just hear any familiar song. 

Alessia herself is just a mere 19, but she has a very big voice. I liked a lot that she had a lot of positive energy and motivational words for her equally young fans. They all tried to touch her hand and give her letters, just as teen fans do. She was sweet, and so were they. They all put their phones up and I could see that a lot of them were recording videos on snapchat. This was when I really felt like I'm in a different generation. 

Alessia's band was really good, and the production of her songs are excellent. A great little pop act, she was a delight to see.