Performing with The Bush Bandits at Galerie KIS


Anne from my band The Bush Bandits invited us to perform at a Kingsday (in Dutch Koningsdag) party at a Galerie KIS in the heart of the centre of Amsterdam. Since The Netherlands now has a queen, some people still think it's fun to celebrate the old King's day. Anne and her man René were catering at the event and we would provide some live music in between courses. I brought with me my 5-string electric cello from NS Design. 

Galerie KIS is a really scruffy art & design furniture store with an authentic sense of history that fits right into the gritty (now touristy coffeeshops, squats and red light district) area of Amsterdam. It had the feeling of a warehouse turned into an art gallery, which it probably is! 

I wasn't feeling the best but I had a good time because some friends dropped by! Thanks to Emile Cowstard for taking these photos.