Performing with The Bush Bandits at ITC Open 2017

For the second year in a row, I played with my band The Bush Bandits at the ITC Open - The Conference for ICT-Research in the Netherlands. Today we had a couple extra bandits - Paul Traas and Ben Whittle who will be joining us more often from now on! But more band members did not mean a more attentive audience... this time we played during the 'borrel' in the foyer so many of the participants of the conference we busy with beers, bitterballen and taking a breather from listening to the presentations. 

However, the stage was a beautiful moroccan-inspired lounge room at Flint, a beautiful theatre and conference centre in the Dutch town Amersfoort. 

Coincidentally, it was my birthday so I went out with the band and extended groupies to an eventful 3-course dinner in the neighbourhood. 

Thanks once again to Ad Buter, our guitarist for arranging the gig for us! 

P.S. For the gig I played my electric cello by NS Design, CR series: CR5P