Meeting Pieter Perquin at Muzikantendag

A good friend of mine, singer-songwriter Liloe Rix invited me to be her plus one at musician networking day "Muzikantendag" in Melkweg, Amsterdam. Primarily an event for singers, especially with the opportunity to showcase your demos in the "demospreekuur", I thought I would come anyway, showcase some tracks and see who I could meet. 

When I arrived (40 minutes before the start time), there was already a queue out the front and one of the organisers came out to hand out these pamphlets with the names of people who we could sign up for at the demo hour. As I scanned the list, I started to circle some interesting people, one from MassiveMusic and then I spotted Pieter Perquin on the list, a.k.a. Perquisite, producer, record label owner and cellist. Remember Pete Philly and Perquisite back in the day? I saw them in concert 10 years ago (probably in Melkweg!). TEN! I started to get excited because I had the chance to meet Pieter in person and speak to him one on one. As I was a few metres from the front of the entrance, Liloe joined me. She had forgotten her OV chipkaart (public transport card) so she was later than the time we agreed. Despite the delay, we were still very early. 

When we went in, we ran straight to the registration desk to sign up for the demo hour. We had 4 slots, and I chose two: Pieter Perquin of course and Casper Nederhand from MassiveMusic who I wanted to get to know because it's a company I have on my radar as a next move.

First I met with Casper Nederhand, A&R Manager / Communication at MassiveMusic and at first I showed him a track and then we talked about getting into the music business side of the music industry. I didn't get the feeling it was possible to get to know each other. 10 minutes is not a lot of time. It felt a lot like speed dating to be honest, except you have the chance to bring something to the table to try to impress them. 

By the time I arrived upstairs to where Pieter was, an emo couple were finishing up. I introduced myself as a cellist and told him I was following him since Pete Philly days. I love what he does with the electric cello and impressed by his productions. I showed him my music video cover of Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You and he gave me a positive feedback. Then I asked him about improvisation tips (as a classically trained cellist it's something I'm constantly trying to improve) and he suggested that I just put on different songs every day and for 30 mins I just jam along. He told me a bit about his story and how he got into production. He was always playing around with computers. Before I knew it, 10 minutes were up! What an honour it was to meet Pieter. 

As I was leaving, by negligence I realised that I took off my mobile phone case while showing him my video, and had to go back upstairs to get it. Embarrassing! He immediately held it out when I arrived. Later on, Liloe and I were on the staircase and passed him and she had the impression he smiled at me. Haha I don't know. For me it was too quick and I didn't even have a moment to register it was him. 

All in all, it was cool that I came! Liloe was happy too, as she also had interesting conversations with interesting people of the industry. Thank you Liloe! 

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