VIDEO: Shape Of You cover

First of all, let me just tell you that I hit 25,000 followers on Acapella App! How crazy is that? My videos are averaging at least 1000+ likes and the community is really a supportive and creative one! 

For my latest video,  I really went one level up in a number of ways. Firstly, it's the first video where I recorded myself playing djembe! It's a new instrument to my skill-set, and I've only been playing since February. But it is so much fun! The second way that this video is better than my previous ones is because I finally bought a new bass amp (Roland Cube-20CX Bass) and some new recording equipment so I can record directly to the Acapella App on my iPhone. I am playing a 5-string electric cello by NS Design.

I chose Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You to cover because it is just so damn catchy and since it's a loop it would be easier to make the compilation. I had new singers willing to collab with me and also singers who had already sung with me before. It was a real mix of people and everyone added their own unique spin to the song. So grateful for their talents!