Visiting Jorik de Beer's Gadung handpan workshop


One day I searched the Internet of all the handpan makers based in The Netherlands and started to make a list of who to visit. I reached out to Jorik de Beer, maker of Gadung handpands, and he invited me to his workshop in Hilversum. I was happy! 

He had a very humble workshop amongst a row of other builders in a suburban street in Hilversum. It was really amazing that he hand-built his equipment and you could see his dedicated to his art. He makes handpans as a side-job, and by day he is a sound engineer at the Dutch National Opera & Ballet. 

If you're looking for a C# Amara handpan, contact Jorik. I was very impressed by the sustain and clarity of the tones on these. 


The best surprise of the day was that I got to play an original PanArt Hang! I don't remember which generation it was, but I think it is was an 'Integral' model. It was pretty old and was rusting a bit. Jorik said that the previous owner had played it outdoors (maybe at the beach?) and its condition deteriorated, so that's a bit sad. 

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