Performing at Sofia Dragt's album release 'Still Here'


Once again I was honoured to be invited back on stage with Dutch singer-songwriter Sofia Dragt and her band, this time for her album release 'Still Here'. We performed live to a short film by Jonathan Smit called 'Andras' shot in Iceland in a beautiful art-house cinema in Utrecht, the Louis Hartlooper Complex

It was a different experience to perform with a film, as the audience was often fixated on the moving images and I felt less pressure about how I looked. It's always a privilege to perform to a quiet audience but that moment where I played pizzicato on the cello and Sofia sung with me with no other instrument, it's always a nerve-wracking feeling! All ears on me :) 

Sofia's songs are catchy, emotional and well-arranged. I really have fun performing with these guys, so thanks Sofia and band for having me again. 

More about Sofia Dragt:

Official website: 
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Watch the short film 'Andras' below:

Band members:

Sofia Dragt - lead vocals and piano
Sander Huting - electric guitar
Wouter Vliegen - electric bass & moog
Benjamin Rheinländer - drums/percussion

Live sound: Willem be Bruijn