Performing with percussion class and afro-mix dance class at CREA


For the longest time I've wanted to be good at percussion. In bands, I always was the one with the shaker or the tambourine, and that was the extent of my rhythm! But finally, I got signed up (thanks to Bianca!) to a percussion course at the CREA - a cultural student centre connected to the Universiteit van Amsterdam and was so cool because we got to learn djembe & dundun (west African), cajon (flamenco), darbuka (middle eastern) and perform at an end of course concert together with the Afro-mix dance class. 

Of all of the instruments we learnt, I really really loved djembe. We learnt the basics of the bass, tone and slap and simple patterns such as Lolo. I love the way the bass rumbles when you hit the centre of the skin. It feels so organic and close to nature. Well, it is nature, it was made by hand from a tree and a cow skin! 

Our final performance was not VERY successful, but it was fun, and that's what counts :)