GIG REVIEW: Lady Gaga at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam

I finally saw Lady Gaga live! It was a really long wait. First, I bought the tickets in early 2017, waiting online with a computer, a mobile and multiple browsers to make sure I could get tickets. It was sold out literally within minutes and I was lucky to score a pair of seated tickets in a good spot! Then, I thought I only had to wait 5 or so months until the concert, but unfortunately Lady Gaga has been ill and she had to postpone her European leg of the tour from October until January 2018. So indeed it was a very long wait! 

But lucky us, she came and rocked the stage(s)! There were stages placed in the centre of the floor area and during one part of the show, these bridges came down from the ceiling and Lady Gaga and her dancers came walking over the bridges to the other stages, and finally a stage at the back of the standing area (which was in front of us!) which had her electric grand piano. She laughed at the die hard front row monsters and said that they thought that they were at the front of the stage and now they were at the back! 

Although Joanne the album is quite chill compared to her earlier synth pop hits, she still put on a huge show especially for her old hits. It was like a theatre play, like the Wizard of Oz with dancers and costumes! But my favourite moment of course was when she was with just her and the piano. That's when she really shines. 

The last song Lady Gaga performed was Million Reasons. She put her pink hat on the side and after the song was over, the piano (and her) started to sink down under the stage and she just disappeared without a word, leaving her pink hat behind. Then the stadium lights turned on. It was so sad because we didn't even have a chance to cheer her or say goodbye. And there was no encore either. Wow, it was such a powerful ending and I felt like a piece of me just left! 

Thank you Lady Gaga for putting yourself out there for us, and hope you get well and strong soon. 

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