Performing with Paul Freeman at Countdown Cafe

It was full evening of radio appearances with Welshman Paul Freeman! First we performed Closer Still, Loneliness and Heroes at NH Radio's Countdown Café and then we rushed off to NPO Radio 2's Late Night Roodshow. I loved performing at Countdown Café because I had my Abbey Road family there supporting me (thanks guys!)! The Countdown Café is recorded in the Q factory where I study. I worked a couple times as a mixing engineer for the radio broadcast for Kees Baars. 

Even though it was the first time performing with Paul with an audience, it went really smoothly and it was so much fun! Thank you Paul for taking me on! 

See us performing Closer Still below. Closer still is a song written by Paul and is featured in Marvel's Jessica Jones season 2 episode 5. 

See us performing Heroes below:

Photos by Jasper Derksen 

Check out Paul Freeman's official website:

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