Performing at Yarrr's Girl Drop at Cut Throat

A couple months ago I got in contact with a couple electric violinists based in Amsterdam who inspired me to try playing electric cello with a DJ.. so after buying some effects pedals (Micro POG & Big Sky) I got my first gig, playing at the alternative Girl Drop bar hangout at Cut Throat organised by the lovely ladies at Yarrr. Although it was not my first time playing with DJ Nata Babaju. I'd jammed years ago with her back then when they had live jam nights at The House of Rising. It took me a few years to get back on track, but this time I was introduced as electric cellist The Wong Janice and played for a very attentive audience for a good part of an hour! It was so much fun!

Big love and ups to Willa, Nata and Tessa for this opportunity! 

P.S. Here I am playing my 5-string electric cello by NS Design, the CR5P from CR Series

I played to a set of Tribal House with artists like Be Svendsen, Dole & Kom, Mollono.Bass, Oceanvs Orientalis and others.. Listen below or click here to follow the playlist

I just had to laugh at someone who commented on the Facebook photo album after the photos were uploaded. 

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More about the amazing venue Cut Throat Barber Brunch & Bar (really, you have to check this place out): 
Address: Beursplein 5, 1012 JW Amsterdam

I am performing on the NS Design CR5 5 string electric cello by Ned Steinberger