VIDEO: Paul Freeman - Closer Still (live in Sint Nicolaaskapel)

It was my first time meeting Welsh singer Paul Freeman, and from the first greeting he was so lovely! I also met Marlous (Revanche Records) and Paul's manager Tommy (Merrill Artists Group) and they were just as lovely! It's so lovely to work with people so lovely! 

Our goal today was to film two songs, Closer Still and Heroes in the beautiful Sint Nicolaaskapel in Nijmegen (also known as Valkhofkapel). It was so much fun! The film crew even used a drone to capture the footage and that was so cool. 

Thanks a lot to Jordy and Marjolein from We Blend It for the amazing footage and the recording engineer whose name has unfortunately escaped me (but it was a woman and I was proud!). 

Photos above by Marjolein van Veldhuizen.

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