Working at Red Bull Studios Amsterdam as Assistant Audio Engineer

Proud to announce that I am now interning as Assistant Audio Engineer at Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam! (Although in this photo pretending to be the Head Engineer... oh how I wish I could brag that it was me who patched that spaghetti mess of patch cables on the SSL analog console in the background of the photo!). 

So far I have worked on an audio recording for Paa Kofi, livestream for Arp Frique, and "uncut" videos for Full Crate and Yung Nnelg. Stay tuned for my blog posts of each session, where I will give insights to which microphones we used and microphone recording techniques. 

And as a side story, how cool is this: after I posted about my internship on Instagram, @the_wimn (The Women's International Music Network) Instagram account reposted my picture on their Instagram story to congratulate me! I thought that was pretty encouraging. They are a network who promote females in the music industry because women are a minority in the business. I would be happy to inspire more younger girls to follow a career in music!




More about Red Bull Studios Amsterdam:
Address: Q-Factory Atlantisplein 1, 1093 NE Amsterdam

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