Graduating at Abbey Road Studios


What an experience! Graduating at Abbey Road Studios with my fellow Abbey Road Institute classmates from all over the world: Amsterdam, Paris, London, Melbourne, Frankfurt and Berlin. The most exciting part was being on the stage to collect my Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering in Studio Two, home of The Beatles.

It felt very exclusive, with a lot of security, groups of tourists having a guided tour, no photography down the corridor where all the famous people who have recorded there are framed on the corridor walls, and strange, after so much anticipation, to be at the most famous recording studio in the world receiving my diploma.

We had a nice introduction, filled with inspiring words from the CEO of Abbey Road Institute Luca Barassi, and the heads of each school, including Amsterdam’s director Robin Reumers. Then, we got called up one by one on stage to receive our diploma, along with an engraved tuning fork (A 440Hz). After that, it was time for the networking and celebration event in Studio One where we had more speeches (to name some: Universal Music’s COO David Sharpe & MD Abbey Road Studios Isabel Garvey) and a captivating performance by Rhys Lewis.

While I was on Abbey Road, I thought I would do the touristy thing of taking a photo walking across the street like The Beatles cover. However, little did I expect that it was busy, not only from tourists, but of traffic! So many cars were passing on a Saturday morning, it was impossible to cross. So I ended up taking an alternative:


One year has passed surprisingly fast! To think that one year ago, I could not call myself a “music producer”, and now, besides the piece of paper, I can say I am a music producer, whose last school project was to lead a recording of a rockabilly swing band with a 13-piece brass band, and my first project out of school was to be invited to compose a track for an advertisement for a panel at ADE, the biggest electronic music festival in the world. Pretty cool!

But I know it’s just the beginning. So, watch this space!

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