Producing a track with Liloe Rix for Portugal. The Summer

My friend, singer-songwriter/artist Liloe Rix found a really nice contest: to produce a cover of Portugal. The Man’s hit song Live In The Moment and the prize would be to have your track on an advertisement of Visit Portugal’s summer promotion and also to perform live at a Portuguese festival. This was the ask:

So, Liloe made a demo arrangement with her loop machine at home, and we met up to record vocals and guitar at her home studio. This was the first time I was Liloe’s Music Producer! We recorded the vocals with her RØDE microphone and Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 interface, her electric guitar, effect pedals (including Line 6 delay, Boss octaver) and Roland SPD. At my studio, I finished it off by recording a string arrangement and mixed and mastered the track. Unfortunately, we did not win the contest, but here is our final track:

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