Composing a track for ADAM Audio Soundtrack Competition 2018

Since buying ADAM Audio T7V monitors, I’ve been keeping an eye on ADAM. On Instagram, I saw a sponsored post (I hate social media ads, but when I saw WIN then it got my attention..) and clicked on the link to find out more.

For the 2nd (?) year in the row, ADAM Audio hosted a Soundtrack Competition, this year with exclusive prizes and a new judge, Aisling Brouwer. The task was to compose a soundtrack of maximum 30 seconds to a photo: “The Opening” (by Tobias Zielony, 2005).

First prize was ADAM A8X white-gloss studio monitors, a world-wide exclusive; second prize SP-5 headphones and third prize T7V speakers.

The winners were announced today, and unfortunately I was not one of them, but I definitely had fun with this assignment!

Here were the winning entries (and you can read more about the feedback of the judge Aisling Brouwer here):


Composed by Fabrice L'Homme


By Isaac Landin Flower


Big thanks to my mates from Abbey Road Institute Mars Blaque and Ethan Thomas for helping me with the initial sketch, which was composed for an in-class assignment, titled GET SCHWIFTY.


  • Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 10

  • UAD Apollo Twin MKII Quad

  • Neumann U87 large diaphragm microphone

  • DPA d:vote™ 4099 clip on microphone

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