Performing at Thursdays Ecstatic Dance at Odessa Amsterdam


On this Thursday edition of Ecstatic Dance, I joined DJ Yarun Dee with my cello and loop machine to bring the audience deep cello vibrations and sweeping cello melodies, sending them in a meditative state.

The location, Odessa Amsterdam is a vegan conscious ship and it is such an amazing location! Two dance floor decks, and even a hot tub on the top deck! I found myself home on a small platform surrounded by djembes and doum doums!

I performed pieces from my upcoming release Cello Music for Meditation, warming up the dance floor for DJ Yarun Dee and playing again at the end of the set, with everybody lying on the floor, with open hearts.

It is a common practice around the world that there are no cameras at Ecstatic Dance, so I can’t show you much of the amazing energy and vibe that happened over the few hours of the evening, BUT, here is the first track that I performed, “Fear”, which is based on the recorded version of the same track that’s on my album.

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