What I Can Do For You

I can record your midi cello on a real cello at my studio or arrange a string part for your track within 2 days. I can tune your vocals and time quantise your tracks, or mix and master them with a quick turnaround. Looking for a producer or recording engineer who can take your track to the next level? Send me a message.



After playing in bands and as a session cellist for more than 10 years, I’d say writing string arrangements and recording the cello is what I do best. If you want me to write a string part (up to 4 parts) and also record it from my own studio and send it back, it is possible! Also, although the cello is not a violin, don’t underestimate the sound of a cello quartet! The cello has a very large range and can play low bass notes and also high melodic lines. If you already have a cello part in mind, you can send me the midi track and I’ll be happy to record and deliver it in the specs of your preference.



After graduating at Abbey Road Institute, I am now able to offer my skills in post-production editing (including audio restoration/repair, time alignment, vocal tuning/pitch correction), mixing and mastering. Since I grew up playing classical music, the music I like to mix most is anything with real instruments. My main DAWs are Pro Tools 2018 and Logic Pro X and I can work my way around Ableton if needed. I use a Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Quad audio interface and love to do effects processing with my favourite plugins from UAD, FabFilter and Soundtoys.



As a music producer, I’ve had experience running my own band recordings at Abbey Road Institute (my final school project was with 19 people which included a 13-piece big band!), and along with my experience as Assistant Recording Engineer at Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam, I am very familiar with the pre-production process, studio recording equipment including analog console Solid State Logic (SSL 4000/8000), outboard gear, which microphones to use, where to place them and recording a session to a DAW.