Finally, after all the ladies in THE FOX had their Summer vacations (Janice in Sweden, Celine in India, Eva and Mirjam in Spain and Sharon many festivals later) we came out fresh of the rehearsal studio to perform at Winston Kingdom on Saturday in the heart of Amsterdam’s red light district.

The Winston welcomed us warmly to the stage and Celine greeted the audience. The first song was Go, Go, Go and Mirjam our translator for the night translated the song title to Ga, Ga, Ga in Dutch! It was cool to see some people in the audience singing along to the lyrics; I think we have some true fans out there! Mr. Hunter followed with the same energy. I (Janice) changed from electric guitar to cello for Through Your Eyes and it was a nice transition from girl dance-pop to a beautiful ballad. Nice to see the cameras come out. Mirjam after saying this song was about a very handsome man who was ugly on the inside dedicated it to one guy in the front of the crowd. We picked up the pace again with old favourite Easy Way Out and ended with a bang with a new one Time is Ticking.

Next on stage were Dirty Pendejo from UK with a mix of Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down and something else that’s not in my general musical vocab. But they were technically tight and lead singer Will had an old-school microphone which just topped it. Not really a band we saw ourselves playing on the same bill with, but their music was somehow danceable as well.

The headliners The Q cancelled (apparently due to the drummer’s hurt ankle) so the night moved on quickly to OVERBOORD!, where DJ Jasper Weeda & DJ Jasper Weeda played the sweetest mix of old and new favourites and remixed like heaven: Sweet Dreams (are made of this) vs. Amy Winehouse Rehab. Just brilliant!

Thanks to those who made it down, and we look forward to seeing you at the next gig!

THE FOX Setlist
Go, Go, Go
Mr. Hunter
Through Your Eyes
Easy Way Out
Time is Ticking

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