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Breath to the Roots (full day workshop)

  • Home of Gaia 16 Toldwarsstraat Amsterdam, NH, 1073 RR Netherlands (map)

Dear Gaians,

come and spend a magical day at Home of Gaia with the power of BREATH, CACAO and SOUND with special guest Janice Wong who will play a live cello meditation! This one day retreat is created for everyone who wants to go deep and beyond and be guided by the trinity of sound, breath and cacao. Through conscious connected breathing we access our subconsciousness and release everything that doesn't serve us. We un-become everything that we are not. Combined with the heart opening, cacao we will go back to source on an expanded journey.

Creating a powerful group energy, we will experience the full spectrum of multidimensionality and accessing our higher selves. Let go of your limiting beliefs and step into your full power. Open your channels to the non ordinary and float with us beyond all identity.

Being one of the most ancient medicines on the planet, the breath is what connects us to all living beings. Rosalie will guide you through conscious connected breathing where you step into your true nature. the breath knows what to release and will cleanse you on every level. We will access altered stated of consciousness that will allow us to let go of limiting beliefs in order to become whole within.

The cacao spirit is an ancient medicine plant that brings us a deeper connection to our hearts, it opens up a deeper space for the love of our inner being with the support of mother Gaia. Sif Yraola will be guiding us through a meditative channeled journey to reconnect to our true nature while playing on singing bowls, shamanic drum with the vibration of her own intuitive voice to clear and support us on this magical journey.

Cacao Ceremonies have been performed for 1000’s of years by the indigenous tribes of Central America. Cacao was considered to be the ‘Food of the Gods’. According to both archeologists and Mayan spiritual elders, the Cacao Spirit was one of the most powerful deities in ancient Mayan cosmology. While the ancient Mayans and Aztecs of Southern Mexico and Guatemala are best known, there are contemporary Indigenous cultures in Central and South America who continue cacao use in Shamanic Ceremonies. The Indigenous myth from these areas tells us that whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony.

We look forward to welcoming The Wong Janice, an Australian-born cellist, for Live Cello Meditation with deep cello vibrations and sweeping cello melodies that will send you in a meditative state. Let go, lie down and The Wong Janice will take you on a journey of music and powerful silences with her cello and loop machine. The performance is a live interpretation of tracks from her first album, Cello Music for Meditation which is out on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and all major digital channels worldwide.

What to bring:

—-Comfortable clothes—-
---A diary---
---An intention for yourself---

Energy exchange:
99 euros (reserve your ticket by paying online)

You can sign up by putting yourself on "going" on Facebook, write us a pm or send us an email to:

Please know that there are limited spots available so make sure you reserve your tickets on time ♥

With love,
Sif Yraola, Rosalie Somogyi and Janice Wong

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Tickets: You can sign up by putting yourself on "going" on Facebook, write us a pm or send us an email to: