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When Cello meets Singing Bowls

The Wong Janice & Frank Klank in concert
‘When Cello meets Singing Bowls’ 

For the first time, The Wong Janice and Frank Klank come together to bring you a unique sound collaboration between the cello and singing bowls that will send you in a meditative state. 

Be welcome on a peaceful journey with the sounds and deep vibrations of the cello, singing bowls and powerful silences.

The Wong Janice is an Australian-born music producer and classically-trained cellist based in Amsterdam.

Her latest concept is cello meditation music.

She creates cello soundtracks for different moods and emotions, using a loop machine to create low drones and sweeping cello melodies on top.

Her latest release, titled ‘Cello Music for Meditation’ is out now on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and all major digital channels.

"For me, cello is my meditation" - The Wong Janice

Frank Klank

On his ‘spiritual pathway’ he discovered the sounds of the singing bowls and these bowls got his attention more and more. 

He started offering meditations with 4 singing (nowadays already 32).

Singing bowls are still special instruments to Frank with their special effects. 
Next to offering meditations he also cooperates with other musicians and yoga teachers.

During this concert there will also be time for silence.
Janice and Frank find silence important in order to absorb the sound of the instruments and to feel what happens.

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