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Yoga Nidra & Deep Cello Concert

Journey to your Self

Leave all your stress, worries, to-do and bucket lists behind and take a plunge into a pool of relaxation and nourishment for the soul. Snuggle up and rest the body in all comfort while you are guided to your deepest self and find the peace and wholeness that is always within.

Yoga Nidra takes you on a magical journey to the subconscious while being aware. It is a journey of self-discovery, to find your essential nature, where you can tap into your infinite creativity, inner wisdom and the deepest sense of peace. The deep and hauntingly beautiful tones of the cello allow you to shift between different frequencies and take you to parts unknown.

Take the journey to this deep knowing of the self that connects you to your inner peace, wisdom and strength and allows you to live your life to its fullest potential.

During and after this session expect to:

-Find a deep state of peace and tranquillity, which lives within you and you can reach again and again.
-Connect to the self-healing ability of the body and restore the body on the deepest level.
-Find emotional and mental balance and erase subconscious patterns, the traps you always seem to fall into.
-Reveal insights and messages from the subconscious and benefit from them in daily life.
-Discover your potential and find the clear vision and power to fully live it.

The Wong Janice is a music producer and cellist who creates cello meditation soundtracks allowing you to come in a state of flow and feeling of freedom.
Nathalie Rasing is a yoga and meditation teacher who’s nourishing practice revolves around self discovery and healing.

Both are highly valued teachers by meditators all over the world. You can find their practices and reviews on Insight Timer here:

The Wong Janice
Nathalie Rasing

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