I became obsessed with One Last Time by Ariana Grande ever since I heard it and played in on repeat until… well it's still on repeat. After the 1000th listen I finally realised that the background music was based on a repeated riff and then I decided to try it on my cello and give it my own spin with the BOSS RC-300 loop station. Ariana also uses a loop machine and when I saw her on YouTube covering Imogen Heap's "Just for Now" I died from her talent: https://youtu.be/syw1L7_JYf0

And yay I have tickets to see Ariana on her Honeymoon Tour in Amsterdam at Ziggo Dome on May 29! Ariana is going to use Imogen Heap's "Mi.mu Gloves" live and I can't wait to see it...

I was also inspired by this version of "One Last Time" - Honeymoon Band Rehearsal

Here is my version below: 


Special thanks to:

Croque-Bulle for filming - http://croque-bulle.blogspot.fr/

Fotostudio Duo for letting us use their studio and for the special guest cat appearance by Mr. Snooz - http://www.fotostudioduo.nl