Plot: A young lady has an orgasmic reaction to a present she receives for her birthday.
My role? I play one of the best friends of the birthday girl. 2 weekends ago while walking down the banks of Stockholm I received a phone call from Dutch director Sia Hermanides (on the advice of Alieke van Sarloos) who asked if I would like to act in a Primera commercial (a Dutch newsagency chain). It’s funny because I consider performing (as a musician) totally different to acting, but of course I said yes (yes! yes!).


The commercial is part of a digital campaign run by Brandfighters – a crowdsourcing initiative to attract young talented filmmakers to create ads for big brands and be rewarded. For this assignment 16 videos were submitted. Let’s cross our fingers for the win!

Watch the commercial below, or here.

Sia Hermanides (Director)
Léonie de Boer (Director)
Thomas van der Gronde (Camera)
Joris Bulstra (Gaffer)
Martijn Scholte (Set Sound)
Roel Slootman (Sound Design)
Lea Willenborg (Main Actor)

More about Brandfighters: