REVIEW: 32 key Belcanto Melodica

So now we know hipsters wear Kånken backpacks and listen to music with WeSC headphones, ever wondered what instrument hipsters play in their hipster band? The Melodica. A piano-like, accordian-sounding keyboard with a mouth piece or long tube that you blow into. This instrument is so versatile. It can play as background fuzz, solos or beautiful harmonies. Watch out cello, I think you have a rival.

Ok ok. It’s not a Hohner Melodica but now I have one. And it’s red. 

Where to buy a Melodica:

I bought my 32 key Belcanto Melodica at Azzato in Brussels for €24.
But for the best quality and reliable buy, shop online at Thomann – €35 for a Hohner Student 32