REVIEW: BOSS ME-50 (used for cello)

It has taken me a few years to get going, first an appropriate amplifying system, next a BOSS RC-20 Loop Station and finally, I’m happy to announce I now have an effects pedal, BOSS ME-50 given to me by my favourite Dingo Bird! It’s not easy being a cellist in modern times.

I don’t have so much to ‘review’ yet, since I’m still learning (and I don’t have an amp yet… hahaha so I just listen through headphones, not exactly the desired sound for a crunch distortion. But here are my impressions so far:

- This works great for cello, even though it’s a guitar pedal
- It has an in-built tuner, now I’ll feel so cool to tune my cello between songs on stage (what ever happened to tuning by ear?)
- Reverb options are Room, Hall, Spring or Mod – necessary for a cellist to have reverb!
- Favourite modulation setting so far is harmonist - automatically tunes a specified interval e.g. major 3rd above every note played
- Delay function is neat with tap function or 2 sec memory – still need time to work out its best uses
- Overdrive/Distortion are probably the least effects I will use, have no idea what a Ibanez TS-808 TUBESCREAMER or FUZZFACE are supposed to sound like.
- Sturdy design
- There are knobs for each effect section – and no menus to scroll through
- Easy to turn on and off effects with the 3 foot-switches
- The big black pedal on the side can be used for volume or one of 6 expression options such as +1 octave/ -1 octave (very fun, now I can finally be that jazz double bassist I’ve always dreamed of being)

So far I can say for a cellist it's only good for reverb, delay and live as a pre-amp or volume. More on this soon. Perhaps a video demo if you’re lucky… or yet another version of Bird’s Lament? hahaha…

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