Where to buy a good cello in Amsterdam

Finding a good cello in Amsterdam is not easy. Finding a good cello anywhere is not easy. And Amsterdam is not really known for its long classical music history. But I found the needle in the haystack! 

I needed a cello temporarily to hire last year so I searched high and low for a real cello specialist, and not a chain manufacturer selling straight-from-the-factory-in-China-cellos. Then I found it. Muziekatelier Amsterdam located in North East Amsterdam run by a lovely Dutch cellist named Ascon van der Westen.

The atelier has cellos ranging from student models from €600 to mid-range to beautiful antique 1900′s French, Italian, and German cellos even up to €24,000 (ouch!). Bows, cases, accessories and smaller members of the string family are also available.

The photos below are of the gorgeous beauty I called mine for some time. It has performed with me with Imogen Heap and also has a few cameo appearances on YouTube here and here.

Oh, and they also sell double basses!

Muziekatelier Amsterdam

Ascon van der Westen
Stromarkt 37
1012 SW Amsterdam
tel. 06-15126536


---UPDATE 19 APRIL 2018: Ascon as moved his Atelier to a new location outside Amsterdam---

Muziekatelier N'Holland

Ascon van der Westen
Rechtestraat 45
1483 BB De Rijp
tel. 06-15126536