GIG REVIEW: On stage with Alex Winston at Paradiso

Just when I thought I was just going to an ordinary Monday evening concert... it turned into me performing at Paradiso with Alex Winston! 

The night started Alex Winston kept us waiting. Actually we had been waiting since June this year since she had cancelled. Now she kept us waiting since the legendary Gillian Welch was performing an epic show downstairs. But come on... we were getting restless.

On Alex came with her Sister Wife (there used to be two?) + band and we moved to the front. Alex asked who would like to beat the snare and I was fed up with the non-action by this point I just went for it. Here I am with the drum.

First step: getting the drum

So here I was in the crowd beating along to the first song Fire Ant. After that I tried to give it back but then she said I could keep it. A few songs down the line, Choice Notes and my favourite of the new stuff Velvet Elvis I kept on, and Alex was proud. "I can't believe you're still drumming! You're going to be a new Sister Wife!" So then.. for the finale Alex called me up on the stage...

Then we started playing together...

And then we went crazy!

I think I'm almost a Sister Wife now... What do you think?

In Summary: the band was tight and had a great powerful and collective energy. Their sound was definitely fit for a much bigger venue; 6 of them on stage all singing at once. With the grumbling of the keyboardist to the amazing range of Sara Kliger to Alex's distinct voice. Their drummer was also a huge part of their sound. The beat. Really enjoyed it and wish they'll come back to perform on the main stage next time (with me on drum again?).

Thanks Alex for the fun night. Turned out my Monday night wasn't so ordinary after all!


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