Performing at Stukafest in Amsterdam

I'm quite proud to say this was my first solo (non-classical) cello show, and it was sold out! I'd been invited by Stukafest Amsterdam to perform at one of their 20 studentenkamer (student-room) stages. Apparently one of the board members had seen this video of mine on YouTube and thought I'd be a cool act. So I was quite honored! However in the days leading up to the show, I freaked out because none of my friends had bought tickets yet, and I feared that I'd be playing to an empty room, but the next thing I new, my set was sold out! While coming up with a setlist, I decided that I'd play pop songs on the cello with my new loop machine (Boss RC-300) and if that wasn't impressive enough, I decided to mashup two songs together. It turned out that fulfilling this feat would only be possible with a special guest; Andreas from my other band The Dingo Birds. 


  1. Moondog - Bird's Lament
  2. Coldplay - Viva la vida
  3. Requiem for a Dream (theme)
  4. The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army vs. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
  5. Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. vs. Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know
  6. Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise vs. Survivor

It was quite a gezellig vibe. Random students entered my 'venue' (student room of Simone's) and sat on the bed or on the floor. It was strange to have the audience in eye-locking distance and I could hear them gasping and laughing when they figured out the mashup songs. All in all, I'd say my second performance was the best; the audience was very quiet but attentive, and still cheered quite loudly. The first round I was kind of nervous, and the third round the audience was enjoying but were a bit noisy (after a few rounds of music and drinks).

Click below to watch Gorillaz Feel Good inc. mashup with Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know featuring Andreas on vocals and electric guitar. He rocks the song!


Video by Caspar van Lissa

Photos by Simo Karisalo and Henna Raatikainen (