GIG REVIEW: Rudimental at adidas headquarters, Germany

Every year at the annual adidas Global Brand Conference (GBC) there are always top guests and often a top performer on the opening day party line-up. Last year Kanye West was the special guest (and I'm still gutted that my manager told my team not to come because there was nothing exciting going to happen.. yeah..). 

This year's theme was 'theme park'. It was so cool! Usually we sit in a huge exhibition hall all week and then the party happens there, DJ or musicians up the front,  and us on the dance floor. This year, the whole adidas campus was transformed into a playground for all of us, with a ferris wheel, food trucks, and different games and fun activities to try. It was the first year that it really felt like the event was for us, and not us just stuck in a big conference hall with presentations all week. 

There was even a stage, and as adidas employees, we had the opportunity to audition to perform in front of all our international colleagues. After a Russian band played, I saw my Amsterdam colleagues up there DJ'ing and then the special guests of the festival.. I mean conference.. Rudimental from the UK! Our London EIM team is the best! 

I'd been following Rudimental for a few years already, and it was the first time I saw them live. They were so impressive and brought so much energy to the crowd, especially with the live musicians and a whole gang of singers all decked out in adidas Originals gear. Such a cool way to end the opening party. Thank you adidas! 

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