GIG REVIEW: Ariana Grande at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam

I love Ariana Grande so much! The first time I saw her perform was at the MTV EMA 2014 in Glasgow, and she was definitely the highlight of the awards. 

It was one of those awkward things where I knew none of my friends would want to go to the concert with me, so I asked on Facebook if anyone would come with me... a friend said her 14 year old daughter would go with me! Well that was better than no one! 

On the day of the concert I was extremely sad because I was having a problem with my relationship and I didn't want to talk before the show. I just wanted to enjoy myself and then deal with it. But it became complicated and I was upset on the tram on the way there. Trying to wipe away my tears before meeting my 14 year old friend! We met at Bijlmer and there was another Dutch festival going on at the same time (Oranjefeest or something really trashy) and Burger King was so packed we had to go find food somewhere else. And it was raining so we were running to the food trucks trying to find a cheap burger (ugh). 

We got in and found our seats. I went to get drinks and also wanted to buy some merch. The sweaters were all sold out in small sizes so I just bought some tiny badges, and shared half with my friend. She took the Japanese ones. 

I loved the concert! I really loved the dancers (Brian and Scott Nicholson), and especially the string players (my favourite: the violinist Chysanthe Tan who I have been following on Instagram and Twitter every day during the tour). Ariana was amazing as expected. She's such a talent.. ever since I saw her YouTube video singing Imogen Heap's Just For Now with the loop machine I have so much respect. 

After the show I was tweeting with Chrysanthe Tan and Adrienne Woods (the cellist) mocking Adrienne for poking the air with her bow off-beat. Chrysanthe stuck up for her saying that she was just doing it a different angle and she was 'slicing the air' instead of 'stabbing'. hahaha I know they thought I was annoying.  

I'm openly an Arianator and have been and will be promoting Ariana forever. Even if she licks a donut... I don't care. I'll defend her :)