Trying out Battiloro Handpans in Haarlem


After searching on Marktplaats (the Dutch eBay) to buy a handpan instrument, I came across a post for "Handpan orientation day", where you can go to try several instruments from the Battiloro brand. At once, I messaged them and made an appointment to visit Annemarie in Haarlem. 

By complete chance, I spoke to a good friend of mine who was coincidentally planning a trip to Haarlem to pick up a pair of inline blades that she bought on Marktplaats on the same day, at the same time! So, we agreed to go together, Rosan, Bianca and I altogether for a small road trip to Haarlem to pick up her blades and then off to the Handpan workshop. 

In the ground floor apartment of a very cute street in Haarlem, Annemarie greeted us with a smile and a cup of tea. She showed us the instruments, all tuned in different keys and different looks. One was tuned in C#, one in D, one was more shiny, the others were dark. 

Annemarie showed us the basics of playing and a couple of patterns and after trying out each instrument we had a small jam session together. She was impressed by my musicality and also about Bianca too. It was so much fun! It was the first time I really played on a handpan and I felt that I picked it up really quickly. Now, my goal is just to find an instrument that speaks to me and one that I can call my own. 

For the Introduction (in Dutch oriëntatiedag), we paid 25 Euros each for the hour. Thank you to Annemarie for the lovely morning and also suggestion for the yummy and cosy brunch café we went to - Native Haarlem - Koffie, (Breestraat 23). Another tip: Ananda, a new-age spiritual shop in a very cute shopping street (Gierstraat 8). 

Handpan workshops given by Annemarie Klein (Haarlem) & Bruno (Amsterdam):
Battiloro Handpans: